Tombstone Manufacturing Business

This is your opportunity to start a Tombstone manufacturing business. Tombstones are expressions of love and respect for a loved one that has passed away. Tombstones mark the last resting place of the deceased.

Tombstone Manufacturing Businesses is the ideal business to start as tombstones are always in demand and very important to the family of the deceased, especially because in some cultures it is a token of honouring the life of an ancestor.

Tombstones are also known as gravestones, grave markers, headstones, memorials and monuments. Tombstones can be bought in a variety of shapes and forms, depending on the financial means of the family.

The sign of a good business opportunity is the availability of clients who must have certain products, in other words, a good business opportunity is products that people must have. Tombstones or grave markers are one of these products that cannot be done without.

It is a known fact that many people die every day; for this reason any business that manufactures or services the funeral industry will never be short of business. In fact, the funeral Industry is booming in South Africa.


The funeral industry includes, but is not limited to the following types of business:

1. Funeral Parlour services;

2. Manufacturing of coffins, caskets and dome caskets;

3. Flower arranging for the church, coffin and grave side;

4. Renting of gazebo, chairs, tables and etcetera; and the..

5. Manufacturing of tombstones.

Tombstone design and manufacturing have undergone many changes in keeping up with social and economic changes. Many people cannot afford to pay as much for tombstones as they did before. Money has become a scares commodity and many people have lost jobs in due to retrenchments and businesses closing down because people could do without the product that they were selling.


Tombstone Training Course in Randfontein, Johannesburg:

Course Dates: 1 - 2 June OR 20 - 21 July 2020.

Course Price: R5000.


Another problem that has to be dealt with is that the granite and marble deposits in the ground is diminishing at an alarming rate, which in term raises the price of granite and marble.

For this reason science was employed to develop new ways of manufacturing tombstones. Employing science provided an unexpected added benefit in the manufacturing of tombstones: The tombstone manufacturing cost was less!

Another benefit of this New Age technology is that using nearly the same method as you do with manufacturing the tombstones, you can also create table tops, washbasin tops, tiles, statues, head boards, fireplaces and claddings, statues, in fact almost anything that you would like to resemble granite, marble or other stone finish. With this method you do not require the expensive tools and machinery needed with real granite and marble. It is not as labour intensive as working with real granite. 

It can be inscribed with a sandblaster just as you do with real granite. This product does NOT look cheap. It is UV Stable and water and fire resistant.

A New age Tombstone can be erected on the same day as the burial or a few months after the burial, depending on the family culture, beliefs, and wishes. 

A dignified burial and the proper erection of a tombstone is the last tribute to a loved one who has passed.

These days’ people prepare in advance for their burial, so it is not strange to hear that people also purchase a Tombstone policy together with a Funeral policy. The Tombstone policy ensures that the Tombstone cost is covered. In this way, family members can afford to honour the memory of the deceased. When the Tombstone is unveiled, the whole family, relatives and friends come together to once again pay tribute to the deceased and relive the live of their loved one.

Tombstones are usually manufactured from granite or marble or a combination of granite and marble. Granite and marble has become very expensive and as time pass, an original granite or marble tombstone will become scares and unaffordable for the majority of people.

This tombstone manufacturing business opportunity is unique because science enables the tombstone manufacturer to formulate and manufacture tombstones that beautifully resemble granite and marble perfectly. This New Age Tombstone manufacturing method cost much less than original granite and marble, is easier to use, and the profit is excellent. Due to this fact it can be a wise decision to include New Age Tombstones in your product range. Early bird catches the worm!

Whereas Granite and Marble were mostly the only material that was used to create beautiful, long-lasting Tombstones, this is not true anymore. People are tired of seeing and erecting the same tombstones over and over again. New Age Tombstone Manufacturing methods means that there is a much wider variety of tombstones available today. Tombstone style and design has been reborn! 

New Age Tombstone manufacturing methods make use of SABS approved materials that are cast in moulds. As moulds are used, there is no waste of materials and no off cuts that cannot be used for another purpose. This makes this particular tombstone manufacturing business opportunity more affordable and profitable.

The tombstones are more profitable to manufacture, easier and quicker to make and just as good looking as granite and marble tombstones. The tombstones are just as durable as granite and will last just as long as granite and marble at must less cost to the client and more profit to the tombstone manufacturer. 

The biggest bonus is that the New Age Tombstone manufacturing method is used to manufacture tombstones to the exact requirements of the family and no expensive CNC machines and expensive heavy duty lifting machines and tools are needed. The Tombstone can be made and fully erected within 4 days.

Every business owner knows that it is important to grow with the times. A business that does not take current trends in consideration eventually closes its doors. It is all about changing with the times and making sure that customers can purchase their own custom manufactured and designed tombstone.

Trimo Training and Consulting provides training in manufacturing of New Age Tombstones. Apply for the Tombstone Manufacturing Workshop Course Here.