Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the cost of the tombstone manufacturing business opportunity including the training?

Answer: The cost of the Tombstone Manufacturing Business opportunity is R5000.00.


What subjects are included in the tombstone manufacturing and tombstone marketing manual?

Answer: Contents of the Tombstone Manufacturing and Tombstone Marketing Manual:

1. Materials used in the production process to create many different colour schemes.
2. Safety aspects and storage of materials.
3. Planning your project.
4. Making a simple mould for your project.
5. Making the product of simulated granite.
6. Recycling off cuts so that there is minimal waste.
7. Polishing the finished product.
8. Dimensions of the plot.
9. Erection of the finished product.
10. Rules and regulations for erection purposes. 
11. Transportation of tombstones.
    (Points 5,6,7 and 8 is included for those wanting to erect memorials or  tombstones)
12. List of suppliers of materials.
13. Variations in Manufacturing if you want to create other effects except granite.
14. Sourcing Finance.
15. Tender information.
16. Advertising your business effectively.
17. A payment system that works in your favour.
18. Marketing and your customer base.
19. Researching your market.
20. Your business plan.
21. Legal aspects in running this type of business
22. Registering your business.
23. Calculating the production cost.
24. Your showroom.
25. Planning and producing your brochure.


How much will it cost to start a Tombstone Manufacturing Business?

Answer: The cost to start a tombstone manufacturing business depends entirely on how many and what type of tombstones you want to manufacture for display purposes. You definitively have to have a display area where you can showcase your Tombstone Creations.

People will hesitate to purchase tombstones from you by just looking at pictures in a tombstone brochure. They will want to see the finished tombstones so that they can inspect the quality. For this reason, the quality of your work is very important.  Remember, the customer trusts you with the very important job of erecting a symbol of devotion and respect, and expect you to provide a quality tombstone.

What makes this Tombstone Manufacturing Business Opportunity so unique and affordable is the fact that you need very little tools to manufacture the tombstones. If one includes the machine that you will use in the tombstone manufacturing process, a few moulds and the raw materials that you need to make the tombstones you will need about six thousand rand.  Remember that you will need a space to work in and electricity to run the tombstone manufacturing plant.


Do I need any skills to use this Tombstone Manufacturing Business Opportunity?

Answer: Yes, you do need skills to manufacture tombstones. But help is at hand. We will teach you everything that you need to know. In fact, when you attend the tombstone manufacturing course, the group of learners will all participate in manufacturing a complete tombstone from scratch. This will include erecting the tombstone. This is a hands-on practical course in which everyone participate.

The tombstone manufacturing course starts with teaching learners how to manufacture the tombstone mould. The tombstone mould that will be made will depend on the input of the persons attending the tombstone manufacturing course. When the design for the tombstone has been decided upon by the students, the first step in manufacturing a tombstone has been completed.

As the course progresses, you will learn every aspect of the tombstone manufacturing process.


How much does it Cost to make one Tombstone and at what price can I sell the tombstone?

Answer: Once again, the cost of making a tombstone will depend on the type and size of the tombstone that is manufactured. A headstone can cost in the region of R450 to make and will sell for approximately R1500 depending on the region in which the tombstone is sold.

In the not so poor areas, the same stone could sell for much more, because people have more money. Some people will only be able to afford a grave marker which you can easily make at a cost of R100 and sell for R300.

Where do I find the raw materials to make the tombstone? Is the raw materials and machinery that I need to start the tombstone manufacturing business easy to find?

Answer: We will supply you with all the information that we have on where to source the raw materials and machinery to manufacture and erect tombstones.



Will I be taught how to make any shape mould so that I can make a variety of differently shaped Tombstones that will be acceptable to prospective clients?

Answer: During the tombstone manufacturing course we will train you how to make a mould and how to modify the mould so that you can have many differently shaped moulds.


Where do I register my Tombstone Manufacturing Business?

Answer: You will be issued with a Tombstone manufacturing manual and a Tombstone marketing manual. You will find the answer to this question listed one by one in the Tombstone Marketing Manual. It is not a difficult process to register your business and mostly involve the completion of forms.


Do I get a certificate when I have finished the Tombstone manufacturing course?

Answer: Definitely!


What happens if I forget how to do something and I need help?

Answer: First consult your Tombstone manufacturing manuals. In the event that you do not find the answer in the manual you may e-mail us and we will gladly help you with support.


How do I pay the fees that will enable me to use this tombstone business opportunity and start the tombstone manufacturing course?

Answer: We expect you to pay the fees in full before the commencement of the course.

Where is the Tombstone Manufacturing Training center situated?

Answer: This unique Tombstone training is provided only in Randfontein on the West rand of Johannesburg. This enables us to keep the cost of training as low as possible so that everyone can have the opportunity to start a business if they so desire. 


I have to come to the Tombstone training center using public transport. Do you have a pickup service?

Answer:  We certainly do pick up clients either at Johannesburg station or the airport at R250 for the duration of the course. This service includes taking the client shopping for necessities and taking the client back to the airport or Johannesburg station when the client has completed the tombstone training course.



On which dates does the Tombstone Training take place?

Answer: The tombstone training always starts on a Monday morning at 8 o'clock  and finishes on Tuesday at around 1 o'clock. If you are using our pick up service you have to arrive on the Sunday as we do not pick up on Monday morning due to very heavy traffic. You have to book the course in advance to be able to attend the tombstone manufacturing course.



Can you assist me with finance to start the Tombstone Manufacturing business?

Answer: Unfortunately we are not a bank; we are a training center and do not have the financial means to borrow our clients money. We will however provide you with the details of organizations that can assist you with funding. 

Do keep in mind that no institution will borrow you money unless you have had training and has started and run the business for at least 6 months. The reason for this is that the lender (the bank or other institution) wants to make sure that you have also put effort and money into the business. This ensures that you will do your utmost best to make a success of the business and work hard, because you also stand to lose money if your business fail.


How will I market my Tombstones and who is my customer?  

Answer: The general public, funeral parlours and businesses that sell tombstones will purchase your Tombstones. Remember that we will provide you with a tombstone marketing manual as well as spend time during the course discussing marketing tombstones in detail.


Can I sell tombstones if I am not a funeral parlour?

Answer:  Definitely!

How big must the space be that is needed to manufacture Tombstones?

Answer:  Most work can be done outside, but you do need a sheltered space for days when it rains. The space of a garage or a room when moulds, tools and raw materials can be kept, is needed.



How will people know about my business?

Answer:  Details will be provided in the marketing manual. We provide the extra benefit of offering you space on 8 of our directories to advertise your business. When you have started the business and provided that the quality of your tombstones is good, we will refer your business to customers who phones in and ask for tombstones in the area where your business is situated.