Manufacturing Tombstones

Tombstone manufacturing businesses flourish because death is no man’s friend. The expense of erecting a tombstone is a necessity  that enable ancestors to rest in peace. Although people do make provision for death, money always tends to be a problem especially for poorer people in the community. Everyone would like to properly erect a suitable tombstone, but many argue that most tombstones are expensive and unaffordable.

Not anymore! It is possible to manufacture original beautiful and expensive looking, quality tombstones for halve the price of an ordinary granite or marble tombstone. These tombstones are just as good looking, durable and beautiful as tombstones made from real granite.

This means that people that could not previously afford a tombstone will now be able to honour their ancestors and loved ones as well! This means an increase in customers that can now afford a tombstone.

It is quite possible to create a New Age Tombstone that resembles real granite or marble. In fact, if the customer so desire, your tombstone manufacturing business can make the Tombstone using any combination of any colour and on top of that, any size or shape using a simple mould which you will be taught to make at the training center.

We did a survey amongst 78 people who visited the local graveyard on 4 weekends and were not amazed to find that many people would like to erect a tombstone that differs from the normal tombstone.

One lady told me that is was like living in government housing. Most of the houses all looked the same. People wanted something different, something that would stand out amongst the normal tombstones and yet, not cost a fortune purchase and erect.

During the survey we found that very old people still preferred the normal traditional tombstones. However people under 50 preferred tombstones that were more modern and some younger people who accompanied their family said that they preferred a funky tombstone because it is in touch with the lifestyle of younger people today.

A gentlemen of 39 said that he would have liked to design his wife’s tombstone so that it would reflect her personality and style, using the colours that she loved when alive.

Using this New Age Tombstone manufacturing method, your tombstone manufacturing business can create original tombstones, unlike any other tombstones, if your client so prefers. Being able to customise tombstones will give your tombstone manufacturing business that extra edge over other tombstone manufacturers.

We are living in a world where raw materials are being used at tremendous speed, which means that funeral products such as real granite tombstones will become scarcer and very, very pricy, simply because there is not enough granite or marble left to take from the earth.

We only teach a few people per week, this means lots of personal attention so that you leave the tombstone manufacturing course well equipped with all the knowledge that you need to succeed.

Please visit the frequently asked questions which will provide you with more answers to any other questions that you have about the tombstone manufacturing.